Online Pet Pharmacies

Beware of TV advertisements for pharmacies selling medication and other supplies for your pets, especially Heartworm Prevention. These places you see advertise are not licensed Veterinarians. They are strictly pharmacies like the ones where you have your medications filled.

At the Animal Care Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing our clients and patients with the highest quality care available. In doing so, we form a certain bond or relationship with you and your pet. This bond is extremely important in being able to provide your pet with the proper veterinary care they may need. This relationship is also a legal requirement in being able to dispense any prescription medication to your pet.a

Most On-Line pet Pharmacies

  • No Doctor/Patient relationship
  • No guarantee
  • Sells foreign Medications
  • Employs Pharmacists
  • Ships to Clients
  • Have never seen or examined your pet

Animal Care Hospital

  • Doctor/Patient relationship
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Employs Veterinarians
  • Ship to clients
  • Sees your pet at least once a year

As you can see, there are far more risks involved when purchasing medication from anyone except your veterinarian. There is no substantial money saved and in most cases more money is actually spent.

So please think about what you have just read and ask yourself: ‘Is saving a dollar or two really worth jeopardizing my pet’s health and well-being?’

Please contact us at 731-285-6270 with any additional questions or for more information.