The doctors and staff of the Animal Care Hospital are strong supporters of preventive health care.

We provide in house labwork with a VetAutoread Hematology System. This equipment allows us to get results from bloodwork quickly. The sooner we receive results, the sooner we can start treatment if necessary. We also provide outside labwork for those tests that can only be performed in a commercial lab. These results are usually faxed to us the next day but there are some tests that require longer.

We offer a Variety of heartworm prevention including Interceptor, Heartgard, Advantage Multi, and  Tri-Heart. We also carry several forms of flea and tick control including Advantage,  Comfortis, Frontline,and Vectra. You can learn more about the products that we carry and what sort of parasites they prevent by visiting our Fleas, Tickets and Others Parasites page by clicking the button below.

Fleas, Tick, and other Parasites